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La Travel Designer

Since I was little I told my mother that I was going to see the world and travel a lot. I believe that everything we talk and think, we attract in life.

It was family trips, with friends, exchanges in the United States and living in Israel as a teenager, temporary housing in London, with the right to backpack in Europe for 70 days, on business, among others that made me fall in love more and more with my profession.

14 years ago I had the opportunity to work in a travel agency, which represented the Sandals & Beaches Resorts hotel chain, since then I never left. These are years of learning, traveling, acquiring knowledge, networking and many partnerships. Discovering new places, culture and cuisine has always fascinated me.

Trips are dreams and I love to plan them with my clients, so that is done in an organized way, with different rates, security and exclusive benefits.

I believe it is the details that make the trip unique and special!



Develop the ideal and accessible itinerary, with local and exclusive experiences.

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